Take the Car

Take the Car: A Los Angeles play

Time changes everything. Right?

Sex, drugs, and bus stops—it’s all part of Jenny and Meg’s half-assed attempt to make it through high school. But once Jenny’s son Lucas comes into the scene, their haphazard life goes from amusing to dangerous. How do you raise a child if you never really grew up yourself?

Take the Car weaves together past and present to tell the story of  who we are, who we were, and what the hell we think we’re doing.

Part of the Williamstown Theatre Festival’s 2015 Director’s Lab.

Production Photos

Shown: Lindsay Rico, Amanda Shechtman, Doron JePaul Mitchell
Photos by Paul Fox

Take The Car

a new play by Nora Sørena Casey | directed by Ben Ferber

 Featuring:  Lindsay Rico (Meg),  Amanda Shechtman (Jenny/Sofia),  Doron JePaul Mitchell (Lucas/Randall)

Alex Petersen (scenic designer), Miriam Michaels (lighting designer), Zachary Heffner (master electrician), Jeff Sherwood (sound designer),
Elizabeth O’Donnell (sound board operator), Robin Piatt Stegman (costume designer), Chris Carcione (graphic design)