For the Lulz

A hacktivist, a cybercriminal, and a phreaker walk into an IRC…

For the Lulz is a modern net-noir that pits three cunning netizens against each other for money, for revenge, and for the lulz.

Nominated for the PEER Award for New Frontiers.

“[For the Lulz’s] fast-paced dialogue abounds in the clipped syntax of Twitter, technical explanations (DDoS, “phreaking”), and the wild-west obscenities of the blogosphere (“Nice tits, cuntmuffin!”). It’s exhausting, but it does nicely express the thrills of online anonymity and alliances, as do its capable actors, who are energetic and quirkily comic.” – The Portland Phoenix

For the Lulz

a new play by Ben Ferber | directed by Todd Brian Backus

Featuring: Caroline O’Connor (Gale), Shannon Stockwell (poof), Eric Darrow Worthley (MrJ), and Ella Wrenn (Fay).

Chelsea Wischerth (stage-manager), Adam Matta (properties design), Emily Kenny (lighting design), and Sam Rapaport (sound design).

Photos & Media

Production Photos by Todd Brian Backus.