For the Lulz

For the Lulz: A true-to-life Internet thriller

Come at me bro.

A politically-motivated black hat hacker named poof begins attacking social networks. Fay, a stalwart tech journalist, Gale, a professor and embezzler, and MrJ, a patriotic grey hat hacker, decide to take him down for fame, for revenge, and for the lulz.

For the Lulz is a thriller based on real hacking, exciting Internet adventures, and online intrigue.

Part of the Williamstown Theatre Festival’s 2015 Director’s Lab.

Production Photos

Shown: Lizzie Fox, Joe Huffman, Chris Stahl, Madison Welterlen
Photos by Paul Fox

For the Lulz

written and directed by Ben Ferber

 Featuring:  Lizzie Fox (Fay),  Joe Huffman (MrJ),  Chris Stahl (poof), Madison Welterlen (Gale)

Dalyn Boyd (scenic designer), Alexa Weinzierl (costume designer), Alex Stevens (lighting designer), Lawrence Schoober (sound designer), Ben Ferber (projection designer), Gunnar Manchester (sound board operator), Clayton Barry (projections operator), Zachary Heffner (master electrician), Chris Carcione (graphic design)